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2018 national chemical fiber fabric product development annual conference was held in Hai'an

At the meeting, Duan Xiaoping, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, explained the mid-term evaluation of the chemical fiber industry in terms of production capacity, investment, profit, science and technology, green, brand, domestic and international development environment and future prospects of the chemical fiber industry. Duan Xiaoping pointed out that since the 13th five year plan, the national economy has been steadily improving, the global economy and trade have bottomed out and rebounded, and China's textile industry has gradually stabilized and rebounded, providing good demand support for the development of the chemical fiber industry. The price of bulk commodities rises, and the cost drives the price rise of chemical fiber. At the same time, due to good demand and smooth price transmission, the operation quality and efficiency of chemical fiber industry have improved significantly. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the output of chemical fiber will maintain an average annual growth rate of 3.3% and grow steadily.

New progress in the application of chemical fiber intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment in textile industry

With the development of China's chemical fiber industry entering the new normal, the extensive development model mainly relying on resource factor investment and scale expansion for a long time is unsustainable. Therefore, accelerating the development of chemical fiber intelligent manufacturing is of great significance for promoting the supply side structural reform of China's chemical fiber industry, promoting chemical fiber manufacturing to move towards medium and high-end, and realizing chemical fiber power.

China's high-performance fiber has achieved 10000 ton independent manufacturing, breaking the foreign monopoly

Recently, the key technology and industrialization project of 10000 ton new solvent cellulose fiber broke the monopoly of international companies for many years, made a major breakthrough, and won the first prize of "light of textile" scientific and technological progress of China Textile Industry Federation in 2016. New solvent cellulose fiber (Lyocell) is a kind of green and environment-friendly regenerated cellulose fiber, which has broad application prospects in the fields of clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles and so on.

Enhance the flexibility of chemical fiber industry based on high-quality development

2018 is a year of steady progress in Intelligent Manufacturing in the chemical fiber industry. This year, digital fiber whole process production technology, industrial chain Intelligent Production Traceability system, chemical fiber production intelligent logistics system, intelligent demonstration factory and intelligent workshop emerged one after another, which greatly promoted the efficient development of the industry.
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